For all enquiries, please contact:

Lucy van Biljon
07779 155814

If you get my voicemail, I’ll probably be otherwise engaged with a furry friend or driving, so please leave a message and I’ll return your call promptly.

Please note that I don’t offer dog-walking or dog-sitting services but am happy to recommend well-qualified, trustworthy colleagues who do.

To see more photos of some of the cats and rabbits Furry Feet cares for, please like the Facebook page.

If you’re considering getting a new pet, please consider contacting the Manchester and Salford RSPCA or Humane Education Society in Wilmslow who always have rescued animals looking for their forever home.



“Thank you so much to Furry Feet for looking after our gorgeous furries while we take ourselves off on holiday. It is such a relief to find someone who is as mad about cats as we are, and who we really can trust to treat our pets the way we would. Lexi and Cleo hate being put into a cattery and being able to stay at home where they feel safe is perfect for them - they love the playtime, cuddles and personal attention that Lucy gives them and now they hardly notice we've been away! We'd never go back to using a cattery again – Furry Feet rule!”
Kimberley and Chris, owners of Lexi and Cleo, Worsley

"We honestly don't know what we'd do without Furry Feet! Lucy cares for our 18 year old blind cat Brixie as if she were her own. She's not easily swayed but she loves her! It's easy to see that she is a genuine animal lover. She goes beyond the call of duty to look after our lovely old girl and nothing seems to faze her. We'd recommend Furry Feet to anyone."
Kathryn and Adam, owners of Brixie, Chorlton

"As one of our cats now needs daily medication, we no longer feel we can ask neighbours to step in when we go away, but we're happy to leave them in the safe hands of Lucy.  We know for a fact that they don't just put the food down and go, but take the time to make sure the cats are alright, play with them and give them treats.  We even had a texted photo of the cats on Christmas Day with a festive message!"
Gill and Paul, owners of Pearl and Dean, Whalley Range

“Our cats are all so different - Kittenkat, Jinja and Buzz but we've no qualms when we go away, leaving them in the safe hands of Furry Feet. We trust them to care for our guys. We get texts to let us know how they're doing and this really adds to our peace of mind and then we can relax and enjoy our time away. Wouldn't be without them!”
Annie and Graeme, owners of KK, Jinja Ninja and Buzz, Chorlton

“Furry Feet has cat-sat for us for many years now and I have to say, you could not get a more pet-friendly and personal service. We are away on travel and business frequently and unfortunately treat our cats like family…not a great combination. It is stressful for pets and their owners when they are apart and you can either trust a cattery (and I am sure some are very good), or you can leave them in their own space and company with someone you trust. Furry Feet keep an eye on the house for us, we get a first visit text to say all OK and we love reading the daily diary when we get back to see what the little blighters have been up to. Lucy has even administered medicines for us, and is always able to offer advice and tips on dealing with cat related issues as they arise. Maddie loves her, Cedric loves her and we love her. Hooray for Lucy and Furry Feet.”
Keir and Kat, owners of Maddie and Cedric, Salford

“We have been using Furry Feet for years now. Lucy has seen old cats go and new ones come, and it certainly feels like she's part of the feline family now as well as a friend. Kafka and Lottie very much approve of Lucy's never-ending supply of toys, treats and cuddles when we are away. And we very much enjoy peace of mind knowing that our two black terrors are well looked after and cared for.”
Elena and Dave, owners of Kafka and Lottie, Chorlton

“My cat Bijou and I moved from Pennsylvania to Didsbury at the end of July 2012. The intercontinental trip was very stressful for Bijou. My poor cat was not meowing anymore or playing or eating.... I had to leave for a month right afterwards, and Lucy took care of Bijou while I was away. I came back from my trip and Bijou was happy, lively, playful, purring and eating as never before! I do believe Lucy has a special magic connection to kitties and helps them to recover from traumatic experiences. When I was away Lucy sent me daily updates on how Bijou was doing, photos and videos too! I have relied on Lucy for a few times already and I always will. Lucy is a blessing for Bijou, me and for all the kitties she takes care of. Why? Because Lucy does not see cat-sitting as a mere job but as her true life's mission.”
Stefania, owner of Bijou, Didsbury

Small animals

“Going on holiday and leaving my animals behind used to be a stressful experience for me. But now I've found Furry Feet that has all changed. I can go away with complete peace of mind, knowing that my house full of 8+ small furries will be happy and well looked after. Each time I return there is a brilliant daily update on their antics and very content looking fluffs. I really don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for being so passionate about furries, including mine!”
Susie Hughes, Branch Manager for RSPCA Manchester and Salford, owner of many lovely bunnies

“Going away is so much more relaxing now that we know Furry Feet will come and tend to our house rabbits. They are so much happier to be able to stay in their own environment, get all the necessities seen to and plenty of attention lavished on them too. They are always super-relaxed when we return. Knowing that Lucy is trained in animal first aid and has a real passion and care for the animals means we know they are in the best hands possible. We use her services whether we're on a two week holiday abroad or spending a night visiting friends and would highly recommend.”
Susi and Matt, owners of Penny and Pogo rabbits, Salford

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