When you can’t be there to cater to your feline friend’s every need, Furry Feet can be their personal slave instead.

The cat-sitting service includes regular home visits to feed and water your cat, along with cleaning out litter trays, grooming, playing and general fuss-making. Whether your cat is fond of a rub under the chin or a full-on mucking-about-with-toys session, Furry Feet will make sure your cat is happy and purring at the end of each visit. For those more timid furries, I’ve befriended many who have at first insisted that they’re far too shy by working to slowly gain their trust.

Some cats take a trip to the cattery in their stride and it suits them and their owners perfectly well. For others, it can be a little stressful which is when an experienced cat-sitter can help. If you’re away for a night, a weekend or a fortnight’s holiday, the cat-sitting service allows your creature-of-habit to stay in the familiar surroundings of home, free to come and go through their cat-flap and to snooze in their favourite spot, while you can relax knowing they are in safe hands.

Furry Feet cares for many cats across Manchester and over the years I’ve formed some very special bonds with them. I arrive with toys, treats (unless health issues prevent these being munched) and a comfy lap which my purry charges are very welcome to curl up on.

This time has given me plenty of experience of different feline temperaments from the feisty to the extra-shy, taught me how best to make friends so they feel as relaxed as possible while you’re away and created a repertoire of fun games and purr-approved stroking techniques. I have a particular fondness for OAP cats, being a serial adopter of senior kittizens, and have experience of dealing with their potential health issues such as renal failure, diabetes, feline cancer and hyperthyroidism.

I also understand the importance of being responsible not just for your animals but also your property, and how clients appreciate being kept up-to-date via text or email – I definitely have more photos of cats than people on my phone...

All cat-sitting visits include helpful house-keeping such as bringing in post, switching lights on and off, opening and closing curtains and watering house-plants/hanging baskets.


  Monday-Friday Saturday/Sunday
One half hour visit per day



Two half hour visits per day



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